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At Lighthouse Education Center, students are empowered to achieve academically as well as grow their self-confidence, self-esteem and independence. In fact, we work with student to:

  • Evaluate their personal goals and review their individual progress in learning to accept responsibility for their behavior, actions and the resulting consequences on a weekly basis.
  • Return to their local school program. Lighthouse staff work with the local schools to support their curricular requirements so students can transition back to their home school with additional self-regulation skills.


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Stacey Steffes
Assistant Supervisor of ASD & Emotionally Impaired Programs

Therapeutic Crisis Response

At the core of the Lighthouse Education Center program is Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI).

The purpose of the TCI system is to provide a crisis prevention and intervention model for schools that will assist in preventing crises from occurring, de-escalating potential crises, effectively managing acute crises, reducing potential and actual injury to children and staff, learning constructive ways to handle stressful situations, and developing a learning circle within the school. What kind of help and how it is given makes a crucial difference between the student’s ability to learn from the experience or being set back from the experience.


Positive Behavior Support

Lighthouse provides a positive learning environment, enabling students to achieve and enhance self-confidence, self-esteem, independence, social acceptance, intellectual and personal growth
according to their Individualized Educational Program and Transitional Service Plan.

Students focus on being:

  • Safe
  • Respectful
  • Responsible

Community-based Instruction & Life Skills

The students at Lighthouse Education Center work on a variety of activities to get ready for post- high school including community based instruction and job skill training.

A representative from Michigan Rehabilitative Services (MRS) also meets with high school students throughout the school year to help prepare them for life after graduation. MRS is a great resource for our students, whether or not they are collegebound.

As part of the IEP process for students age 16 and older, a transition plan is created. Teachers explore students’ needs and aspirations to determine which activities are imperative now to help them later. The staff at LEC are committed to help students achieve while at our school so they can continue their success when they go back to their home districts or after graduation.

Three kids and a teacher laying in the grass looking at butterflies.


Students have access to occupational, physical, speech and other therapies as required by their Individual Education Program. Students also have access to mental wellness supports including a school social worker - who offers individual and group support - as well as a team of behavior consultants.



Transportation for Lighthouse Education Center students is provided by local school districts or First Student, Inc.

Students participating in Community-Based Instruction, will use community busing services for transportation to job sites. They may also be driven by appropriately licensed staff using program passenger vans.

Learning Independence

Staff work with students to help them become as independent as possible. This includes teaching students how to use assistive technology, navigate in different environments, practice hygiene skills, exercise good decision-making skills, and understanding consequences of actions (both positive and negative).


"Lighthouse helps students discover their abilities.
We help them see that they can be successful.”Berrien RESA Employee