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Optimizing student outcomes through collaboration and transformation.


Optimizing student outcomes through collaboration and transformation.


Optimizing student outcomes through collaboration and transformation.


Supporting Students with Emotional Impairments

Lighthouse Education Center provides a positive learning environment, enabling students with severe emotional impairments and Autism to achieve and enhance their confidence, self-esteem, independence, social acceptance, intellectual and personal growth according to their Individualized Educational Program and Transitional Service Plan. 

Our center is located in St. Joseph, Michigan with additional offsite classrooms located within local school districts throughout Berrien County.


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Making life-changing impact.

Transformation & Collaboration

Lighthouse Education Center is a center based special education facility designed to provide programs and related services to meet the education requirements of severely emotionally impaired and autistic impaired students. The center emphasizes positive reinforcement, personal responsibility, appropriate decision making skills and the development of socially acceptable behavior. It is the ultimate goal of the program at Lighthouse Education Center to help students develop the skills necessary to return to their local school program.

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Helping students reach their full potential.


Lighthouse Education Center provides educational programming to students in grades K-12. We also provide instruction through the Life Centered Education Curriculum to students who are on the Certificate of completion path. Community-based instruction is offered to students as well!